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Tile Style: Colourful Alternatives

Tiles are having a glorious renaissance. I don't mean the timeless London metro, nor the muted pastel porcelains that adorn the magazine pages. We're talking vibey-vibrant give-a-damn tiles that slap you round the face with startling hues and bold statement patterns; Instagram and Pinterest abound with kaleidoscopic posts, whole accounts are devoted to them: from a sun scorched Mexican jaunty to the ruddy glow of an Andulician antique; Turkish hand painted azure blues, or bespoke colour picked Morroccan encaustic, here are 4 of my favourite places that throw caution to the wind and paint all over the tiles.





Riotous, brave colour that shakes a fist at conformity.

Milagros works directly with artists and workshops to create hand crafted products, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design. They also take commissions for tile artwork.




Maitland & Poate

This family run business draws on Souther Spain's plethora of skilled artisans, reclaimed Antique tiles from the Sevilla to Cadiz to San Fernando and even modern interpretations, these encaustic cement tiles are handmade using the original techniques from Valencia and Cordoba. A variety of plain and patterned styles add vivid warmth to any home.




Otto Tiles

Offering handmade and bespoke tiles these unique designs and patterns are the progeny of Damla Turgut whose passion for bringing the Turkish aesthetic West culminated in her opening shops in both London and Zurich.




Popham Tiles

This American tile merchant, based in Morocco, offers a myriad of arresting geometric patterns and colour palettes which you can play around with, using their deeply moorish tile simulator.

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